Your Website Design Is Crucial To Your Marketing Plan

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This article is contributed by Clark Jones.

When you create a website Home page the chances are that you’re thinking of it as mostly a means of navigation for your website and a bit of fancy dressing to help make your product or service seem more polished and desirable. What you need to bear in mind though is that a website design can and should be much more than this.  It can be a great way to market your business and can pull people in to read more about your business and what it offers.

If you are trying to promote a business then you will essentially want to do anything you can to attract the attention of the general public and your target audience, and trying to attention seek in any way that you can. Of course having a great website can do this if it’s so well designed that people want to visit it just to experience your technical ingenuity or your great design.

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Take Google for instance. Now Google doesn’t really need marketing, but the company is a master of it anyway. Recently for instance it was the anniversary of the original Star Trek series and so to celebrate Google altered their logo and added an interactive element to it so that when you clicked it it would bring up a little story where you could trigger where each of the letters in the word ‘Google’ became the characters. It was amusing and it meant that people spent more time than they normally would actually on Google. At the same time it meant people were more likely to share the ideas with their friends and it went a bit viral. Of course people were already visiting Google in their droves on a daily basis, but if they weren’t then this would have been a great way to get more people there.

So how can you accomplish a similar effect for your site? Here are some suggestions…

Beautiful Design

One option is to simply make your website as beautiful as it possibly can be. This means thinking long and hard about the kind of theme, colours and imagery you want to include and finding ways to make it stand out from the crowd with crisp images and with lots of smaller details. If you make it beautiful enough then people will share your link and you might even find your site on guides to great website design lists of the most attractive sites.

Fun Navigation

When you design your navigation, why does it have to be a simple matter of clicking a link? Why not make it into a game where you have to click a button that runs away from you whenever you take the cursor near it? Or have something more interactive and 3D? Of course you need to think about how this is going to work with other devices (touch screens can’t ‘hover’ their mouse, and don’t tend to support Flash) but if you can work it in cleverly it’s a great way to make your site more memorable and news worthy.

Celebrations and Homages

Part of the reason that the Google idea worked so well was that it was in response to a specific date. This not only made their website up-to-the-minute but it also rode the wave of public interest. It also created a timed-element meaning people wanted to see it before it disappeared. With Christmas coming up you have the perfect opportunity to do something similar on your site …

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