SEO World In Turmoil

If you have heard the acronym, SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, then it is highly likely you are aware of the cataclysmic conflict which is going on in the SEO world.

This conflict pits the dominant search engine, Google, against those who believe they can ensure their online web pages will appear high on the keyword query search pages.  The conflict is inevitable because Google would insist that web pages be optimized for human viewers and no actions should be taken solely with the search engines in mind.  That is the essential principle behind the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

If you read the current headlines, it would appear that Google is winning this war, as of course they should, since they set the rules of engagement.

black hat seo

Google’s latest actions are that A Panda Update Is Rolling Out Alongside The EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update.  As Todd Bailey opined, there is no place left to turn for Black Hat SEO tactics:

Ever since just after February, every voice in the SEO community has been shouting out the same message loud and clear: If you’re not doing online marketing legitimately, then you’re in for a rude awakening. After the Google Penguin algorithm dealt a significant blow to the SERP standing of many sites the web over, most online marketing agencies that were using spam and black hat SEO tactics began turning to more ethical methods for their clients’ campaigns. Those that still remained content to buy links, stuff keywords, and do all other manner of questionable content creation ended up falling by the wayside.

Google has already suggested how to cope with Panda Updates, part of which is a series of 23 questions to ask yourself about your content quality.  Given this ongoing onslaught, it’s not surprising that as Barry Schwartz notes, currently SEOs Discuss The Next Generation Of SEO. This alludes to a thread at WebmasterWorld on the future of SEO practices and techniques.  These seem to fall largely under two main topics:

  1. Focus on your visitor/customer experience
  2. Avoid heavy handed and merely technical SEO

Given that the SEO experts are having all these problems in understanding how best to be visible in Google’s eyes, what is the website owner to do in this complicated scene.  The best advice would seem to be to consult with a search engine marketing firm and get their advice.  A reputable firm will be able to steer clear of the traps and use ethical methods to ensure the best possible search engine visibility.  It’s as simple as that.

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