How Small Websites Can Still Rank Well in Google Search

 This article is contributed by Theresa Moyer.

Google has changed the search engine landscape drastically. Since their introduction of Panda and Penguin, many businesses were hit hard and no longer rank on Google. The purpose of Panda and Penguin were to eliminate people that ranked their sites by spamming.

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Unfortunately, legitimate small businesses were affected in the aftermath. Basically, Google is looking for websites that have a natural looking profile. This has left many people wondering if it is still possible to rank on Google.

Here are 5 Dos to follow so that you can keep up with the changing times and make sure that your website is still ranking:

Do Mimic a Natural Profile

Google Penguin targets websites that have a backlink profile that looks spammy. This means that most of their keyword anchors (words they use to link back to their website) are words that they are trying to target. If your main word/phrase is “credit cards,” then having lots of anchors with “credit cards” does not look natural and Google could easily penalize you for only targeting those words. There are many different types of keyword anchors you can link to your website. You can link brand words, which is your website name, your URL and action words like “click here.” Once you have a mix of keyword anchors, your profile will look more natural to Google.

Do Guest Posts

Guest posts tend to be pretty powerful because they can’t be spammed. They are one of the most white hat methods of getting backlinks to your website. You can start guest posting by reaching out to blog owners that are in the same market as you. If you can write an informative article, most will be happy to post it to their website.

Do Limit Keywords in Your Content

A pretty common newbie tactic is overusing your target keywords in your content. The following paragraph overuses their keywords.

There are many credit cards out there that have various rewards. There are credit cards for big spenders, credit cards for travelers, credit cards for students and more. You have to be careful about credit cards because some of them can have high annual fees and interest rates.

Keywords are an important strategy in your content but it should be used in moderation rather than excess. Remember Google is looking for something more natural.

Do Keep Up with Changes

Google makes over 500 changes a year to their search engine. You need to keep up with the changes that Google is making in order to keep your search engine ranking intact. Most of the changes they make are minor and you won’t see any difference in your search engine rankings, but some of those changes are major and will affect millions of websites. By understanding the direction that they are taking, you can be ahead of the wave and make sure that all your future link building efforts follow their rules.

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