5 Tips to Start Building A Social Media Following for Your Blog

This article is contributed by Elijah Bitson.

Social media platforms are getting more important for blogs nowadays. Why are they so important? That’s because their popularity is rising steadily, and more and more people have access to these social media platforms daily. If your blog is not visible in those social media platforms, chances are your blog will have difficulty in gaining consistent traffic and a loyal following. Here are 5 tips to start building your social media following for your blog:

1. Be sure to build a fanbase for your blog

First of all, connect your blog with three important social media platforms, which are Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Build your fanbase there. Create accounts in your blog name in those social media platforms and start asking your blog readers to join your fanbase. This is your first step toward attracting lots of traffic from those social media platforms. If possible, incorporate those platforms into your blog, by allowing your readers to post comments through their Facebook account or tweet your blog post.

2. Make friends and connections with those networks

You have to make friends daily in order to attract people’s interest for your blog. Of course, you will start with no friends when you begin your social media campaign, but you have to take the first step. You have to start adding friends to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. Let them acknowledge that your blog exists. After a while, you’ll see that many people will ask to be in your network.

3. Share your content with your social media connections

The next thing to do is to share your content updates to your social media connections. It will help you to make your content familiar to them. Also, if it is interesting enough, most of them will visit your website and leave a comment. So, don’t forget to do this after you’ve published new content to your blog.

4. Engage in social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg are your best friends to introduce your blog to a more general audience. It is important to make your blog visible in  other social bookmarking websites as well. There, you can build connections just as you’ve done in the primary social media platforms. You will also need to update your newest content to these websites as well.

5. Show off your social media followers

Once you have enough fans and followers, it’s time for you to show your progress to your blog readers. Show how many followers you have and ask your blog readers to follow you. This is a a very effective technique, because by doing this, you will persuade people to follow you as well. When people know that your blog is popular, they will want to follow the crowd.

Do you want to steadily raise your blog popularity?  Start with the tips above in order to build up viral traffic to your blog. It all starts with a good social media following.

Author Bio: Elijah Bitson is a freelance writer who writes on Internet topics including social media and web hosting.