Can Google Plus Get There From Here

That is a question that many observers are asking.  Google wished to create a strong property in the social media world after its  various social media flops such as Orkut.  After all if you want to make money, you should be where the people are.  So Google Plus came charging out of the stable and very quickly had the largest number of adherents in the shortest period of time. Larry Page said there were 40 million users of Google Plus.

The question is could that momentum drive it to emulate in size the Facebook empire? There were rumors that the number of active users of Google Plus was dropping.  Was there a fatal flaw in the way Google Plus had been conceived?

One Google engineer inadvertently went public with his concerns about this fatal flaw.  However Steve Yegge is an engineer and sees things very much from the technical standpoint.  He felt that the lack of a platform which would encourage many developers to provide content was the fatal flaw of Google Plus.

It is certainly true if you wish to copy the Facebook model that the platform should exist.  However Google is tapping in to different aspects of social activity.  Here in Google Plus we are talking entirely about the sharing aspect of any digital content including video.  Social activity is very much about communicating and thus the two go together hand in hand.  Google has yet to show all the ways that sharing can be enriched and complemented by other data and information that Google can easily provide.

This positive view is shared by Jon Evans.

I think Google+ is a hit in the making. I hardly use it myself any more — indeed, my last post there, more than a month ago, was “Sadly, it seems G+ has degenerated in my mind into little more than the place I go to complain that Twitter seems to be down” – but I’m no representative sample. Heck, I don’t really use Facebook either, except to mindlessly echo my Twitter stream.

He and I hold very similar views.  Although the present version of Google Plus is very much a work in progress, I think early signs indicate that this all is heading in the right direction.  I use social media to stay in touch with others.  I rarely get involved in games.  Already I am finding that Google Plus is the most likely way I can be aware of important things that are happening among Internet aficionados.

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  1. Google+ seems to be too technical at first. If you put it along side Facebook, people will find things around the site faster than on Google+. At least that is how I see it. The one thing I do love about Google+ is its 9-man video conference. Whenever us friends or my family meet up online for a video chat we don’t do it on Skype anymore. We do it with Google+ and I have told a lot of friends (including family – ma,pa,sis,bro,etc) to get a Google+ account.

  2. Google+ better make it. We need a viable competitor for Facebook. I’m getting tired of the latter. It’s becoming another MySpace. I get a number of my friends selling stuff in there. I don’t blame them. They’re just out to make a living, but that should be disallowed or at least they should get a business account instead of using their personal accounts to make it their virtual online boutique. Google+ should learn something from that.

  3. Yes, true. Facebook is more and more used as a marketing platform. Everybody tries to “profit” from the power and popularity of Facebook. I think also that’s a great point where Google+ will learn from. However, I think that Google Plus will use Google Adsense within their platform. So, at the end, there is no difference at all.

  4. I am waiting for Diaspora but it looks like that one won’t be coming along for a long time. They seem to be having all kinds of troubles including funding.

    As for Google+ I am using it as often as FB. I am trying to stay away from FB.

    Then there is the new launch of Google Pages. One thing about it as that it does not support multiple administrators for the page yet. I think when Google irons that one out it will be more awesome.

  5. Google had made many great efforts in order to overcome the stiff competition in the social media but were not able to come up with a success. At last Google plus seemed to be perfect in the initial days but couldn’t meet the needs of the people in the social media. Even at present people prefer to stick with Face book, since Google Plus is a work in progress we can expect a lot from it and hope even google dominates the social media world.But they need to do some direct marketing to gain more users may be a mailing to its gmail users.

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