Seth Godin Thinks Bigger Is Better

If you think that is a very un-Godin-like title, you’re in for a surprise.  You may have been thinking about Seth Godin’s post on Small Is The New Big.

Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big.  Don’t wait. Get small. Think big.

And indeed he was quoted as believing quite the contrary in a recent Interview on Marketing 2010.  Mark Barrett of CIMarketing Sydney discussed the current marketing environment with the world’s foremost marketing author and multi-time New York Times best-selling author.  Seth Godin suggested that:

You will succeed when you have something to say, just as your Yellow Pages ad will work once you have something to offer. Bigger isn’t better. Better is better.

However measured on another scale, Seth Godin is clearly going for big.  His score is 25 when even the White House only scores 10.

If you are scratching your head on what this dimension could be, then let me add that Darren Rowse also scores 10 while Brian Clark scores only 6.  The more well-informed may realize that these two latter gentleman are very famous bloggers, and that is the clue to what we are talking about.  This is the number of posts that appear on the Home Page of each of their blogs.

Copyblogger has 6 posts on its Home Page, Problogger has 10 posts on its Home Page, the White House Blog has 10 posts on its Home Page while Seth Godin has a somewhat staggering 25 posts on his Home Page.

As we are discussing elsewhere, these long Home Pages cause problems for Google.  In search queries where a recent post might be appropriate it will often be outranked by the Home Page.  However the link to the Home Page may be displaying current content where the particular item of interest is way down the screen or may even have been displaced from the Home Page by more recent content.

Thus we have a major search engine problem here.  In addition, I really question whether this is the best way to serve up this content to your readers.  How many readers will patiently read through the whole blog from the most recent post right through to the last one displayed on the Home Page?  I would hazard a guess that almost no one does this.  Why then serve up the content in this long scrolling format?

I believe many have not thought sufficiently about how best to present their blog.  The default format of showing a series of posts is in my opinion not reader-friendly.

In addition since many people will come to the blog via a search engine, only a single post that relates to their search query is what they wish to read.  Following that logic, the Home Page should contain only a single post.  Or if you have the boldness to go where few others have gone as yet, you may abandon your Home Page and present only the most recent post.  It’s what we call the LMNHP approach.

If you try it, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much those search engines may rank your blog posts more highly in relevant keyword searches.

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  1. The status of earlier posts is unchanged. This approach makes them more visible earlier and it would seem probably gives them more back links. It’s a way of fast-tracking their rankings in the search engine indexes.

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