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Most posts on this blog derive from incidents and events that come up on my radar screen. I was delighted to see that one of my online friends, Rand Fishkin, was Bringing SEO to Small Business in Scotland.

I spent a day with small business owners in Glasgow, Scotland teaching the basics of online marketing and SEO. It was a remarkable experience to be faced with such a different crowd than what I’m used to. As a comparison, the week prior, I’d been in Mountain View presenting to the Silicon Valley Search Engine Roundtable, comprised of heads of SEO and marketing directors from Fortune 500 companies – all very savvy operators.

This was all in support of a program, Online Xcellence, sponsored by the Scottish government and organized by Brian Mathers, a real enthusiast in the search marketing world.

Two things came to mind as I read this post. The first was that this is another example of the generosity that Rand Fishkin so often displays. This not surprisingly permeates the culture in the company he founded, SEOmoz. It is part of what they call the TAGFEE Tenets. The acronym stands for:

  • Transparent and Authentic
  • Generous
  • Fun
  • Empathetic
  • Exceptional

Recently SEOmoz has taken a new direction and a new focus: The End of Consulting: A New Partnership & Our Focus on Software

Today I have two very big announcements. First, SEOmoz is exiting the consulting business to focus exclusively on our software model. And, second, we have an expanded partnership with Distilled (new US site: Distilled LLC), who’ll be taking over many of our consulting clients and opening offices here in Seattle. I’m going to … add detail on why we’re so bullish about the SEO software market.

I will have more to say on this change in a future post. What I wished to comment on in this post was the indication that Scottish entrepreneurs think online search engine marketing is central to future success.

Indeed it is. However there is a topic that is even more essential and must be discussed prior to this. It is the whole question of strategy. It can be called a marketing strategy since unless a company works well in its market place, it will not survive. I find that many companies slide by this question and do not answer the tough questions that deciding on strategy should pose. As Michael Porter, the strategy guru, said, strategy is about what you must say no to. It’s all about focus, focus, focus.

All this is by way of introduction to the E-Book, Marketing Right Now. This is now available as a free download. (This is a 1 Mb PDF file so please be patient.) Although it is intended for entrepreneurs and SOHOs (small office, home office), there are many big companies that could benefit from the rules set out in this slim book.

Some readers will find this book challenging. It has some very simple rules which most would accept as important and yet they do not apply them. Growing a business should take you out of your comfort zone. Unless you do that, you are not likely to succeed. This book’s chapter headings can give you a checklist of the key steps you must take to have a chance of being successful. Why not download it now and see what you should be doing differently.

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  1. Downloading the free ebook. I’m very curious on what it has to say, well aside from the fact that I run a small business. And what is that software model SEOmoz is focusing on. Do they plan to make an application to do all the repeatable SEO tasks in one smooth process?

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