Making Complex Purchases

As Dave Brock points out, People Don’t Like To Be Sold—But They Do Like To Buy!

How do we facilitate the customer’s buying process? It’s a few simple things, but that can have great meaning to the customer—again much is focused on educating and informing. Things like: What are the questions they should be asking—of you and of your competitors? What should their expectations of a solution be? Are they realistic, unrealistic? What are the pitfalls involved in selecting a solution? What are the things they should be considering, but not thinking about?

Although many company owners may not realize it, one of the most complex purchase decisions they have is how to ‘buy’ their website.  If the website is to be a Powerful Sales Representative, then careful Website Planning is involved.  A website is as complex as an automobile and it is far too easy to create a website that is "Unsafe At Any Speed".

Given the ever evolving complexity of multiple browsers and a wide variety of devices, the only safe and sure way to avoid major disappointment is to carefully define the website functional specifications.  To understand what that involves, it is worth checking out a sample website spec.  Only with a carefully detailed specification can disaster be avoided. 

Undoubtedly most websites can be seen by their designers and by the website owner in a satisfactory way on their preferred device/browser combination.  However it must be seen in an attractive way by all their prospects with whatever device/browser combination they may be using.  That takes the right functional specification to achieve that.

10 thoughts on “Making Complex Purchases”

  1. I think the best way is- if you are selling web hosting offer it with web site building tutorials, if you are selling web sites to offer it with promotion and Seo tutorials.

  2. Creating a website is a whole new strategy, you have to define where if it is only going to be an informative site, or the main sales point or a secondary sales channel. The design of the site have to be made thinking as if you where buying from that site and how easy and secure it is for a customer to place an order

  3. To make purchase easier we should meet the needs of the customer. Customer satisfaction is very important in the business. We must teach them the good things in the product before they started to question us. We should assure them that it is safe to buy a product which then makes purchase easier…

  4. Is this the main sales point or a secondary sales channel. The design of the site has to be made thinking as if you were buying from that site.

  5. As every customer interaction is done in a consistent way, your business exceeds customer’s satisfaction… A well-implemented CRM will increase customer satisfaction and increase your profits… In reality, the actual benefits of CRM are as diverse and endless as the businesses implementing the software and processes….

  6. While building your website, keep in mind an overall profile of your customers…. Be prepared to update your website as your customer base evolves. … website is probably one of your best–if not the best–sales assets you have… If nurtured and taken care of, it will boost your sales and grow your business, just like a human salesperson….

  7. Ya of course I agree with you buying the websites are more complex and also making new websites also unsafe.. But nowadays websites for the companies are most important things because customers are searching to buy the products only through on Internet.. So the website should be more attractive and it should be more understandable.. Through websites itself the company products should get the customer like that way the websites should be…

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