Social Media Marketing Will Never Replace Email Marketing

Although Twitter is going great guns at the moment, only certain people want to be active in social media.  Others are happy to be on the receiving end when services they trust send out e-mail newsletters from time to time.  It isn’t rocket science to set up such an e-mail newsletter service but sometimes it makes sense to contract out such a service to a reliable service.

iContact is an easy to use email marketing, surveying, autoresponder, and blogging tool that allows small businesses, non-profits, and associations to easily communicate online with their customers, prospects, and members.  A 15 day free trial of iContact is available at

If you need assurance of reliability, the company currently has over 15,000 customers and 100,000 users. Many customers are small businesses but a number of Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, Ford, Nissan, Super 8 Motel, and International Paper, and political campaigns like Barack Obama ’08 have used their services.

One key advantage is that they take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. They also give greater assurance that your message gets through to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you currently have deliverability issues with your existing email newsletter process, iContact is much more likely to ensure inbox delivery of your messages.  It could be worth your while to check them out.

15 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Will Never Replace Email Marketing”

  1. I’m no expert in email marketing or emarketing but I think Email Marketing will never die unless no one use (personal) Email accounts any more. 🙂

  2. Email will always remain a primary area for marketing as with many people its the first place they go in the morning and the last thing they check at night. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace may be good secondary marketplaces but they will never replace email.

  3. If there’s ever been a time when email marketers need to be on the ball with their communication, it’s right now. Consumers are harder to part from their cash and the competition for sales is hotter than ever.

  4. I think it all comes down to purpose. In an ideal world the traffic that has come to visit our site has arrived through searching for a long tail keyword (hence they specifically know what they are looking for), reading our material, deciding they want to know more then opting in to our email newsletter. The users know they are receiving email about a topic that they are interested in and from a source that they trust (we build this trust through providing some free quality information).

    I once read an article stating that many social media sites are attracting users that want to network and make friends etc. They are not necessarily there for the purpose of being interested in a specific topic that has commercial intent.

    For this reason I think social media has its place but email marketing will always be the choice of the profitable internet marketer.

  5. In almost all cases, you DO want to use a double opt-in so that if you’re accused of spamming, you’ll be able to defend yourself and not get shut down. All it takes is ONE accusation and you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.

    Yes, it is an extra step but remember that someone who takes that extra step will be a better prospect and therefore you’ll build a much higher quality list and make more sales in the long run.

  6. I also think that social media has its place, but i dont think that it will replace email. I know that personally I prefer E-mail marketing. Some of these social media sites are overrun with children and young adults. Its not somewhere I would like to make business

  7. Social networking must be at its peak and probably wont stop but i dont think it will phase out the email its always been in use and will always be No. 1 for messaging in my opinion.

  8. Social media is for complementing other marketing it will never replace them but is a nice bonus to build your brand online to become more publicly known.

  9. social media only use by some people, while email already used by every people. That’s why email marketing will always on top of social media marketing

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