Good News on Special Display Ads On SMM Blogs

Actually there is bad news and there is good news.

The bad news is that the extra 10% discount available on orders during February no longer applies.

The arrangement is that you can buy display ads on all four SMM blogs with a discount arrangement if you buy the same space on more than one blog.  The other three blogs are:

The more blogs on which you purchase display ads, the bigger the discount.  Detailed information on visitor traffic, rates and discounts is given on the SMM Blogs Display Ads web page.

The good news is that ad rates were set on the basis of visitor traffic for the month of February.  Currently in March for all four blogs the total pageview traffic is over 20, 000 pageviews per month.  This represents on average more than a 100% increase in visitor traffic over that for February.  The cost per impression is thus half of what it was in February.

As usual, it is first come, first served.  Click here to learn more on Display Ads traffic and rates.