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It is perhaps fitting that the new blog, Viral Conversations, created by Michael Gray  should be part of the viral publishing process that Guy Kawasaki has put in place for his new book Reality Check.

I and many others received a copy for review.  It has taken me until now to wade through the 460 pages in the book.  I can certainly confirm that he delivers what his website promises:

Reality Check is a compilation of Guy’s best wit, wisdom, and contrarian opinions in handy book form. From competition to customer service, innovation to marketing, he shows readers how to ignore fads and foolishness while sticking to commonsense practices.

One advantage of really reading it at length is that by now there are many other reviews around.  Thus it is possible to compare and contrast what one feels with what others are saying.  Here are some of the others that came onto my radar screen.

I find myself agreeing with some of the majority views being expressed in these.  The book is long but has some interesting and thought provoking sections.  It is a book to dip into, and rarely will you be disappointed.  If you buy business books or have a friend who likes to receive business books, then it is worth buying this book.

Standing back a little and taking a more critical view, the following picture is perhaps the best overall review of the book I can offer. 

guy kawasaki reality check review

Guy Kawasaki is a very prolific writer.  That perhaps is most clearly confirmed by Robert Scoble’s assertion that Guy would rather give up his cell phone for a week than give up Twitter for a week

His ideas pore out like a tumultuous whitewater river.  Although the book attempts to put some structure around the torrent from his blog, it is an almost impossible challenge.  For that reason I think the book’s title is a misnomer.  Reality Check suggests that this volume could be used in some check-listing way to ensure that a business is operating with its feet on the ground.  Such a tool would have required much more streamlining of content and rewriting. 

The book in some way is a paradox.  Print newspapers in general are finding that they must streamline their content to better serve their online audience.  Here we have the reverse process in action.  Online content is packaged uncondensed in a printed form.  For myself the most satisfying way of enjoying the book is to dip in from time to time.  In a way it is just the same way that I enjoy reading the original source material on Guy Kawasaki’s blog. 

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