MRN is Right on Time

MRN, now what might that be? Hopefully not just confusion with MSN. Off the bat we should mention that it is not Market Research News.

One must be very careful with acronyms as Marty Weintraub points out: Think SEO Before You Name Your New Company! He illustrates the difficulties with the acronym MRI.

The business is called “Masters Recording Institute.” Cool name right? Let’s take a more careful look. From an SEO services perspective, it’s a classic search engine optimization blunder. To start: everybody loves initials. From our experience, a good percentage of future direct brand searches could occur on the initials “MRI.”

It’s possible that the curious are already referring to the company as such. Sadly, searches for “MRI” result in harvesting all sorts of information about “magnetic resonance imaging,” which is useless in this context. Needless to say, ranking on the average search engine results page (SERP) for the keyword MRI might take a team of link-building-specialists months – and perhaps cost quite a bit.

He is so right. Thankfully for MRN, the competition in a Google search seems less ferocious. Here are some of the top runners.

The other meaning of the acronym MRN is Marketing Right Now. Surprisingly there are few heavyweight contenders for this acronym. One that caught my eye was MRN – Morgue Reference Number. It does not seem all that popular despite the morbid interest that so many people seem to have in programs like CSI and Bones.

This all gives comfort that the acronym MRN can be used as a shorthand for Marketing Right Now. Hopefully Google will confirm the rightness of this choice in a little while.

One thought on “MRN”

  1. Morgue reference number? Haha, that is the joke of the day, although it is bad that your company is known by it’s initials most of the time. We should be careful while choosing the name, but every name might end up at such ancronyms so it is best we don’t use ancronyms! 💡

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