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The Domain Name Is On Sale At Sedo

Many Marketing Consultants probably received an e-mail message from H Syed, who is selling the domain,, on Sedo. At the time of writing, the auction still has about three days to run. The current bid for is at $9,100.

Although the message came unbidden, I found it excellent. The owner has some strong arguments as to why I and other Marketing Consultants should be interested:

  • caters to a highly lucrative niche – Offline & Online Marketing.
  • There are 612 Pay-per-click Sponsors for the term “Marketing Consultants” on Google
  • Pay per click rate for “Marketing Consultants” is $3.00-4.72 at Google Adwords!
  • This premium domain will bring instant brand recognition!
  • would bring authenticity and trustworthiness to any Marketing Consultancy or Marketing service business.
  • 10 Year Old Domains, which are authority aged, will easily get top ranks in Search engines.
  • Sub-domains can be used for high search engine rankings. For example, if the new
    owner creates sub-domain, then the site is most
    likely to top search engines for the term “internet marketing consultant”.
  • The domain is concise and to the point & it would describe the site business very well.

If I believed in the power of the domain, I would certainly find the arguments persuasive. However Google is a dominant influence in the online marketplace. For some time, many people already have been doing a Google search to find a domain, rather than typing in the domain. Now we have the new browser, Chrome, from Google that has only one field, the OmniSearch box, to direct where you are going. This may make the value of a domain even lower.

As we have noted before, the important factor is to own the keyword or keyword phrase on the Internet. That means being high in the rankings in appropriate Google keyword searches. Currently in a search for Marketing consultants, SMM is at number three. Since this is only one of the many keyword phrases that we wish to be visible for, buying a domain is not a high priority for us. Perhaps other marketing consultants who are having more difficulty in getting online visibility may find it worth their while buying We certainly wish H. Syed well in the search for a suitable buyer. The domain name,, has a great deal of merit.

[Update as of September 17, 2008 18:00 hr PST] The auction is now over and the domain was acquired by the second bidder for $ 9,200 USD. I presume we will know in due course who that bidder was as the domain becomes more visible.


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  1. I believe the domain has good potential as the present owner describes. The beauty of an auction is that whoever buys it presumably feels that they can use that potential and it is therefore worth what they paid. We will know in 2 more days what someone feels is worth to them.

  2. I appreciate you mentioning the domain sale on your blog.

    I am the current owner who listed it for sale and the current status is “waiting on payment” from the buyer.

    After the auction ended, I got 5 emails telling that my email was not in time. Some read it after the auction end and some did not get enough time to decide. I am really sorry about that. The good news is its been 10 days and the domain broker (sedo) asked me to wait another 3 days before re-listing or proceeding to sell to anyone else.

    Barry, if you are interested to buy this domain, or if any one else is, just hit me an email at and I will get back to you. Transaction will be handled securely through

    “However Google is a dominant influence in the online marketplace”.
    I completely agree that many users just ‘Google’ everything instead of typing in, but thats exactly where the strength of this domain is. Generic domains continue sell for crazy numbers just because >> they instill authority & trust >>they easily rank high for that generic keyword (marketing consultants in this case) >> they are extremely remember able, etc. We all know that Google gives lot of importance to keywords of a domain and with over 31,000 total monthly searches, this is the best keyword domain for Marketing Consultants. Out of all the domains, once developed, this one has the most potential to be on top for the search engines for “Marketing Consultants”. selling for 22,5k gives a good indication of value.

    Btw, interesting note on the Google browser and domain value relation. I will install and check it out..

  3. Thank you for stopping by, Syed. I agree with your arguments, but it’s a little rich for my blood. However I hope it all works out to your satisfaction. Best wishes.

  4. More then anything, the price of a domain is related to its potential use. I absolutely agree that this is a valuable domain, well worth the asking price, because of its potential earning capacity. It WILL attract some direct visitors, it WILL rank more easily in search engines and it WILL instill authority and trust.

    $9200 is a lot of money for a small company such as a one man operation, but that’s mainly because a small company can not fully profit from the domains’ potential. A small company can’t easily offer Marketing Consulting to companies far away from it’s own location (don’t forget this is the internet; reactions can come from anywhere around the globe). And a small company can’t easily cover the needs of large businesses.
    A large Marketing firm, however, CAN serve large clients anywhere in the world. For such a firm $9200 is just a small investment.

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