Jakob Nielsen pushes for taglines

Taglines, mottoes or mantras: they’re all good.

Guy Kawasaki likes mantras rather than missions. Jakob Nielsen seems to support a similar position in his latest Alertbox on company About Us web pages.

  • Although there is some improvement there is still a way to go. We found a 9% improvement in the usability of About Us information on websites over the past 5 years. But companies and organizations still can’t explain what they do in one paragraph.
  • Representing a company or organization on the Internet is one of a website’s most important jobs. Effectively explaining the company’s purpose and what it stands for provides essential support for all other website goals.
  • At the top of your content pyramid, a good tagline helps users understand the rest of the site by providing context for the detailed content.

Of course if a company is unfocused, then it may be no surprise that they cannot come up with that tagline.

One thought on “Jakob Nielsen pushes for taglines”

  1. And I’m sure there’re a lot of these diffuse companies, with operations in very diverse fields and industries, so they would have a harder time coming up with a brief blurb to identify who they are.

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