Google Adsense Now Has Slideshows

It would appear that Google has introduced a new feature in its Adsense process. If you check the image below, you will see outlined in red a small Previous and Next pair of buttons at the bottom left on the Adsense ads that were shown this evening.


For avid Google Ad fans by clicking on either of these buttons you can have a veritable horizontal slide show of other Adsense ads. That gives Google and Adsense advertisers many more kicks at the can. It does not appear too often but presumably is used when there are many more advertisers than can appear in one ad block. It would seem to be a win/win/win proposition for all.

4 thoughts on “Google Adsense Now Has Slideshows”

  1. I’m wondering if, at first, it might be an advantage to have an ad on the second panel?

    People might be curious, and tend to press the arrow. Then, they may not bother to flip back to the first panel.

    By the way, this is a great blog. I heard about it from James D. Brausch.



  2. I’ve been using adsense for years now, and they always seem to be coming out with new ideas and ways to monetize their business through mine. However as a business owner, adsense only forms a small part of what I do. I really like to focus on building my OWN business (not someone elses – like google) – this is something I learned though the Freedom Business System.

    Nothing wrong with adsense as a form of income – I use them a lot, but I really prefer to focus on my own products that bring me 100% of the profits. I also know that when I innovate in my own business (like google is with this announcement), I profit more.


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