Go With The Flow

facebook.pngAs Rob Cottingham points out, the easiest way to contact people is to go where they are. Clearly the crowds on Facebook can give you huge audiences. How do you get their attention? Well giving something away for free usually works. That’s why the gift-giving application on Facebook is so popular.

Green Gifts for the Facebook crowd

That’s the beauty of BC Hydro‘s Facebook initiative. They want to spread the word about energy conservation. In-your-face advertising never works very well, however good the cause. On the other hand accepting a gift from a friend is the most natural thing to do. So BC Hydro offers Green Gifts for you to give. Your friend enjoys receiving the gift and an important message comes with it. That’s the height of Permission Marketing.

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4 thoughts on “Go With The Flow”

  1. Thanks for telling people about Green Gifts, and for the kind words. We’re delighted with the kind of response it’s getting, especially in these early days. And I hope your readers come by to check it out.

    Thanks again!

  2. The whole green gifts concept is a worthy one, however I find it quite ironic that it is being promoted through Facebook. Surely a website which encourages people to socialize on their computers, using energy in the process, is not the best medium to promote green awareness?

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