Google Supplemental Label Out, PageRank Next?

Which item published by Google is:

  • Followed by webmasters with feverish interest
  • Can cause intense depression
  • Is linked to the visibility of web pages in SERPs (Search Engine Report Pages)
  • Receives more attention than it deserves

If you guessed the Toolbar PageRank, as symbolized by that little horizontal thermometer (values from 0 to 10), then you’re right. Clearly the publishing of such an item would seem to be of questionable value to Google given the anguish it creates among clients. You would imagine the powers that be would be deciding when was the most appropriate time to cease publication.

Google apparently sees this in a different light for the moment. They do publish something else that is somewhat similar although certainly a number 2 choice as an answer to the question. You may not even be aware of it. In the SERPs you will occasionally see a web page result that has the words ‘Supplemental Result‘ added. That label is also an answer to the question. Given the concerns, Google has now taken action and as of this morning the label no longer appears. That doesn’t mean your web pages are no longer in the Supplemental Index. It just means Google won’t tell you whether they are or not. Danny Sullivan for one regrets its disappearance and would still like to be able to get the information in some way.

The big question remains. Does Google have an equal concern about that Toolbar PageRank? By the same logic, it should. There’s even more furious and inappropriate anguish and reporting on that. However a different answer may apply. Publishing or not publishing the Toolbar PageRank will not be decided by the Google technocrats. More likely it will be decided by the Google Marketing group. Like the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky Button’, it’s become part of the Google brand. The Supplemental label had no such redeeming quality. Since you can’t afford to mess with a winning brand, I guess the Toolbar PageRank is safe.

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12 thoughts on “Google Supplemental Label Out, PageRank Next?”

  1. I have never really had an issue with Google or the way they handle their SERP’s. When it comes to SEO, I think people go way overboard. The truth is simply this. You build links to your site, the links match the topic of your site, then you begin to rank highly.

  2. Pagerank Pagerank Pagerank!!! It’s amazing how many people obsess over page rank. Geez, it’s a little green bar in the browser, for Pete’s sake! I’ve been able to achieve 1st page in SERPs numerous times of somewhat competitive keywords with page that have PR1, PR0, or no page rank at all.

  3. I know PageRank is a very important thing to a lot of people, and it definitely helps those who are currently in the business of flipping websites, simply to show that the ‘value’ of their website is worth more with a better PageRank. I honestly don’t think too highly of it, and I don’t really care too much about it, but a lot of people do, and I don’t think it’s going to change too easily. It will always be there, even though most people don’t understand it completely, but it’s always a nice thing to see when your own sites PageRank is increased.

  4. I think it is fair enough to judge a site. Personally I have experienced that plenty of sites with PR always behave in a sophisticated way as compared to new ones. I think it is a mixture of Repute, age, and worth.

  5. I really enjoy tweaking with SERPS and all that ranking which can turn a site into monster. I think we need to know what to do when and we’ll be champ. I know sites with big PR, not good serps and no traffic. On the other hand there are sites with a fewer PR, better rankings and good traffic stats. I always act rightly and enjoy that.

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