Three Golden Rules For Writing "Three Golden Rules" Articles For SEO

Three Golden Rules Beats
Five Basics

I have just become acquainted with the blog. It deals with Competitive Webmastering & SEO. It often has thought-provoking entries and today is no exception. How could you resist reading an article entitled “Five Basics of Writing ‘Five Basics’ Articles for SEO“. It’s written with tongue-in-cheek and clearly is concerned with developing links.

Perhaps it’s missing the point to comment on the content of the post. However I’ve always found the most effective efforts for SEO come from thinking about both links and content. I’ve always preferred to stick to the Rule of Three. If you really want people to remember and act on your advice, I think it is better to try to limit it to Three Golden Rules. This also helps to achieve two of’s basics: namely be brief and be specific.

Without further ado, here are Three Golden Rules for SEO:

  1. Choose something topical: in other words, write about something that people may well be searching for.
  2. Check what others have said: make yours more search visible.
  3. Link out to others: particularly authoritative sources.

So if you are inclined to write your own “Three Golden Rules” article, do yourself a favor and link back here.

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  1. Well, as a case in point, I was inclined to click on this article in my RSS feed this morning rather than the johnon one. I think keeping to three is a good strategy — it’s simple enough to remember and take to heart, every extra component just makes things harder to keep up on.

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