wow patch 2.1.0 download

WOW Download v210 is a Hot Trend.

If that heading, wow patch 2.1.0 download, doesn’t mean much to you, then I’m afraid you are not part of some in crowd. WOW is World Of Warcraft. That is the #20 keyword search in Google’s Hot Trends search for today. Those who understood it were hoping to find: World of Warcraft > Official Patches > v210. The rest of us may have been heading towards one of the 100 other hot trend links that Google now displays on any given day.

According to Corey Vickrey, Google Software Engineer, Google apparently found a great deal of interest in the annual Zeitgeist display and felt that many might be interested in this as a daily exercise. You may wish to check it out. The worrying thing for me is how few of the 100 items I even understood. Perhaps I need to get out more often.

6 thoughts on “wow patch 2.1.0 download”

  1. Great illustration of how targeting a keyword just for popularity’s sake may not bring the desired results.

    Google Trends is a great tool, but like any other tool, one that needs to be used properly.

  2. Thanks for that comment, Kathy. Perhaps you would like to expand on it a little. I find it interesting but I’m not sure I’m picking up your full intent.

  3. Great post. I think not only does this show the massive popularity of the game but it also shows your experience within google trends and how to create a post that indexes well for certain keywords, thanks like world of warcraft.

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