Google's Search Share Just Keeps Growing

Google Search Crushes the Others

comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, has just released its monthly qSearch analysis of activity across competitive search engines. Some of the details from the Press Release are shown below.

The highlighting shows the main points. Google has seen its search share increase by 1.4 share points from the previous month. All the others lost share with the biggest fraction being suffered by Yahoo! The other interesting point to note in the footnote to the table is that searchers in the USA increased the number of searches they are doing by 11% from the previous year. Clearly searching is increasingly the way people find their way around the Internet.
Google search share
It is highly likely that many website owners can attest to this trend from their own log data. Indeed the traffic in May is showing an even bigger increase in Google traffic for many sites. It will be interesting to see the results in the next comScore qSearch search share report.

5 thoughts on “Google's Search Share Just Keeps Growing”

  1. I’m amazed that Google still keeps on getting more market share–I didn’t think there was really any more for them to get. But, I’m still seeing some of my neighbors starting to get internet access, and as I turn them onto Google that just goes to show that it’s possible for them to grow even further.

    I’m also glad to see Ask in the list there, they’ve gone down only .1 percent, but that’s kind of expected, I guess.

  2. Your remarks, Bill, got me thinking as to how market shares change in a market place where the product is given away. If the one with the biggest market share is generally perceived to be faster and as relevant as any other then what is to stop it going much higher. After all we seem to live now in a buzz marketing/social media world now. Perhaps it’s also cool to use Google.

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