To Twitter Or Not To Twitter

That’s the question that Koolio and Joe Duck and many, many thousands of other people are asking. Twitter won the SXSW Web Award this week and that’s partly to blame. However before that it was spreading like wildfire, .. or not depending on what is important to you.

Twitter is not just something birds do.

The name is one of the most apt I’ve seen. The Dictionary tells us that twitter means uttering successive chirping noises, talking in a chattering fashion or trembling with agitation. It’s most often seen in birds. Twitter now is a software whereby you can tell whoever wants to know exactly what you’re doing at this very moment. To some that’s a big yawn: to others apparently it’s almost addictive.

Kathy Sierra back in December 2006 highlighted the potential problems with her Asymptotic Twitter Curve. That clearly in no way slowed down the explosive growth. Mitch Joel echoed the thoughts of many others in saying that Twitter Is To Blogging What Post-It Notes Are To Notebooks. More recently he has again affirmed his support in asking whether you can apply Twitter in your Company or your Podcast.

Perhaps Twitter is addictive.

Kathy Sierra now seems to be getting to the heart of the matter with her recent post, Is Twitter TOO good? Twitter is perhaps a singularly addictive example of the social media that everyone is talking about. It may have similarities to that other powerful and time-consuming ‘world’, Second Life. In both cases, if you really want to make your involvement useful and rich, then you’ll have to devote significant time to it. For many like me, there’s enough to do in the First Life without trying to cyber-exist elsewhere.

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