Does Edelman Really Understand The Blogosphere?

Mitch Joel is concerned that Edelman’s Guide To The Global Blogosphere (PDF 40 pages) seems questionable since it completely omits any mention of Canada. I can relate to that. However I think there may be a more fundamental gap in Edelman’s understanding. No, I’m not referring to the unfortunate Edelman adventure with Flogs for their client, Wal-Mart. What is of more concern is the underlying assumption of their Corporate Guide to the Global Blogosphere. You can get a hint of this in the subtitle: the new model of peer-to-peer communications.

You could get the impression that the Blogosphere is now the only cyber-space that’s involved in peer-to-peer communication. The Blogosphere is certainly very powerful, particularly given the search engine visibility of blog posts and the instant visibility of new blog posts through news feeds. .. and yes it does encourage horizontal communications. However let’s not forget the traditional Web and regular business websites. Somehow the two have got to interconnect and interrelate. Whether you call it slogging or some other name, you won’t get the right answer unless you consider both.