US Patent Search – How To Eat An Elephant

Anyone who has used the Search function of the US Patent Office knows what a wealth of information is to be found there. So much that it’s almost indigestible.

Google US Patent SearchNow Google announces that it is offering a new service, Google Patent Search, in beta of course. Their Advanced Patent Search gives you some flexibility in selecting which patents should appear in your search.

Patent experts such as William Slawski, writing in a post on this in Search Engine Land, comment that the Beta label is well justified in this case since there are some bugs that need to be corrected. He points out that the results are only an undefined fraction of what is fully available, which is true. However if you are going to eat an elephant and know that it should be done ‘slice by slice’, then it’s handy to be able to say just how you want your slices carved up.

If this topic is of interest to you, then check out the Cre8asite Forums discussion on this. There are some useful suggestions there.

Other Useful Patent Search Programs

  • The FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web.
  • SumoBrain features full-text cross-collection searching of US & EP patents and applications, PCT documents, and Japanese abstracts.

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  1. I thought you might enjoy adding to this page. WikiPatents has a database of millions of patents and patent applications, allows PDF downloading of patents, provides file histories, and other helpful information. It is an excellent free resource for researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors and students.



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