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Thanks to my friend, Kim Krause Berg, I now have a dilemma. It’s all linked to the Blog Tag Tree. It sounds so innocent. Write about 5 things that folks don’t know about you and tag five other people. In some ways it’s like multi-level marketing. You run out of people to keep the process going eventually. Of course it’s all done for link-love and Google may like it so what’s to lose.

Here are my five items and I’m not sure anyone else would know all five.

  1. I used to be known as Barny in my High School
  2. I sang for many years in my church choir
  3. One of my specialities in College was Medical Statistics
  4. I’m a birder
  5. I never send on chain letters

.. and who to tag. Here are five people whose blogs I always read with a great deal of interest. I don’t think they’ve been tagged so far. So over to you, Joe Dolson, Michael Motherwell, Mike Grehan, Mitch Joel and Sass Peress.

10 thoughts on “Tag – you're it”

  1. Hi Mitch

    I didn’t see you on the Tag Tree nor did I see an entry on your blog. There’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t be multi-tagged so just relax and enjoy the link-love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am honored to be part of this group.

    I had no idea that what I had in my mind could actually be of interest to others until Mitch Joel helped me see that my own brand could affect my company’s, so he helped me start my blog. Next thing you know, he’ll be suggesting a new hair stylist for me too… Thanks Barry.

    PS. I will admit that I do not have much technical knowledge to know how to tag, yet I’ll make a point of learning it in January when I return from holidays. Happy New Year everyone!

  3. Hi Sass, thanks for stopping by. This tagging is purely for fun and not to be confused with the more serious and useful tagging of posts as Technorati might use the term. A similar concept is Categories as used in WordPress. The equivalent in Blogger is the term labels. All of these help to make your posts more visible.

    By now Mitch, it seems the Meme has proliferated in a whole variety of unconnected trees, which is the way things go. I’m intrigued that so many people got involved. I guess it’s the holiday spirit.

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