Business Blogging Moves To A Place In The Sun

Mr. Jonathan Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems, Inc. was pretty happy last Friday. That’s why his blog post that day was titled, “Sunlight on a Cloudy Day…” He was particularly happy because Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox had posted a comment on his blog (and sent the same content by snail-mail). He was disclosing that the SEC will consider allowing companies to push their financial information to the public via blogs.

Since Mr. Schwartz has been pushing for that for some time, it’s good to hear that this very obvious way of increasing the full transparent disclosure of corporate information is getting attention in the right places.

The Internet brings completely different mechanisms for widespread communication into play. Hopefully each time we see another slice of the population smelling the coffee, the next step becomes easier. We’ve always done it that way is often completely the wrong argument in this Internet era.

Tip of the Hat to John Battelle

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