The News Feeds Are Coming

Internet Explorer Version 7.0 has been getting closer for some time. We are told it will be finally released this month. It will feature a much bigger emphasis on news feeds than its predecessors and than its rival, Mozilla Firefox. Whether that is due to the proddings of one of the most visible (now-ex) Microsoft spokespersons, only they know.

There is a very visible icon to alert you to the presence of news feeds on any web page. You will already have heard a gentle swish as you arrived at a web page with a news feed. For anyone wanting to get the attention of prospects and customers on news items, what more could you ask for.

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One thought on “The News Feeds Are Coming”

  1. I’m looking forward to IE7 about as much as a kid looks for a vaccination. They know it’s coming, but there’s no godly way of avoiding it. The analogy ends there, since IE7 can only make a computer more sick in the future.

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