MicrosoftMax just got ..

MicrosoftMax just got, well, older. MicrosoftMax will be one year old in 3 days. If you hadn’t seen it on your radar screen, that’s not surprising. MicrosoftMax was launched on September 13, 2005 but since then there’s not been too much news until now. The initial promise of Microsoft Codename Max (i.e. Beta version) was that it would be easy to share pictures over the Internet in exciting views. Updates to the pictures would come automatically. This competitor of Picasa and others has been relatively silent since then.

Now we have the latest from the MicrosoftMax Team. This desktop feed aggregator, codename Max, features news displayed in a newspaper layout and a two-pane interface, and it has a bit different approach than many other aggregators on the market.

The blog entry has a worrying caution:

It’s important to note that by upgrading to the latest version of Max, you will lose any lists you might have created or received in previous versions of Max. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can still access the pictures from those lists in your My Pictures folder.

To say the least, the comments show some very mixed reactions among the technogeeks. Some are delighted:

This is my first time installing max. It’s a really cool example of wpf, especially the newsreader. Is there any reason you used a scrollbar rather than standard wpf “next page” model for text display? Also do you intend to release a mini version as xbap?

Many others are less so:

Are you guys kidding me with not having Vista RC1 support? .NET Framework 3.0 RC1 is even installed on Vista RC1 already for you.

One wonders how many will jump in, given that it seems like a decision that’s difficult to reverse. Hopefully we’ll hear more from the brave souls who do so.

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