Google Reader Should Now Boost News Feed Popularity

Something looks .. different‘ the Google Reader Blog tells us and certainly Google Reader looks very different. A year ago using Mozilla Firefox, I had all sorts of problems with subscriptions not showing and I gave up on it. However now all is forgiven. Google Reader has many new features that makes its functioning very similar to the Gmail system. Particular features I liked were that you can get a digest view of the early part of the post, even if the news feed contains the full posts. Also there is a list view that gives you all the prior entries that Google must have cached somewhere in its system. As time goes on this is a very user-friendly way of maintaining a listing of all the posts.

Another Googler suggests that Google Reader is your inbox for the web. That’s an interesting way of putting it. Hopefully now that Google has got it largely right this will encourage many more Internauts to start subscribing to news feeds. Internet Explorer Version 7 when finally released will automatically display the content of news feeds, just as Mozilla Firefox does already. At that point there is really no reason why news feeds should not automatically be included in regular web searches. For all these reasons, it looks as though 2006 may see a dramatic increase in the supply of news feeds, given this unleashed demand.

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