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Word of Mouth Marketing or Buzz Marketing or Viral Marketing: you’ll hear them all. Well perhaps it’s time to use a more precise term for what most often is going on. If you can have Search Engine Marketing then you can certainly have Blog Marketing. There’s a recent story that shows the power of this approach. The headline: ‘Blogger relations experts join PR, ad teams’.

It describes how Nokia Corp. released its camera smart phone last fall. The marketing campaign cut back on news releases and flashy ads. Instead, the company sent sample products to 50 tech-savvy amateur bloggers with a passion for mobile phones. Word spread online about the N-series phone, driving up sales and contributing to a 43 percent profit boost for Nokia last quarter.

“So many blogs picked it up that it blew out our server twice,” said Andy Abramson of Comunicano Inc., who developed the blogging program for Nokia. “We were getting thousands of hits per second.”

Marketing firms are suggesting communicating with bloggers rather than simply pitching a product and giving away free samples. By following the blogs carefully and joining in the dialogue when it’s appropriate, a great quantity of text content and links can be generated about the new products. That’s the way to substantially increase a company’s keyword search ranking. Guerilla Marketing move over, here come’s Blog Marketing.

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  2. Barry,

    I have seen similar practices start to take root in the world of podcasting. A very savvy friend of mine, who I finally hired to start producing my own podcast, made great strides in building up his own listenership by calling in to other very popular podcasts and participating.

    He would always start by saying “Hi, this is Alan from the [xyz] podcast and I was wondering…”

    In this new paradigm where anyone can “publish,” any sort of listener participation is usually greatly appreciated and rewarded.


  3. To me, Tony, that’s the biggest feature of the Internet. We’re all connected together, if we wish to be. Of course as in life, you need to have something interesting to say to gain the other’s attention. If you do, then the connection is made. .. and of course it’s visible to others who may wish to join the conversation. 🙂

  4. Yes, it is a good idea to use blogs for marketing. But when the internet marketers invade the blogs for exploiting profits, the very meaning of blogs – sharing something with passion to interested people – will be lost. The same is happening to online videos and other social networks. Other day I wanted to search for a hotel in a particular city. I did a google search and all the top results were google videos. Google videos show at the top because it has high PR and the main hotel sites are pushed down so that they are not found. Such experiences by users will ultimately backfire on the methods employed by the internet marketers.

  5. That’s an excellent point, Google Success, but it’s a reality. It points to a need for Google to think of different ways of serving up relevant results. Presumably Google thinks those results are relevant for some slice of the audience. They must add some other way for you to get rapidly to what you think is relevant for you.

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