Online Grows, Offline Shrinks

Reuters reports that the summer of 2006 continues to bring job buyouts and layoffs at U.S. newspapers. More nips and tucks will come as advertising dollars dry up and more readers cancel their subscriptions.

The Dallas Morning News wants to cut 85 positions through buyouts as it prepares for a restructuring this fall. The Plain Dealer in Cleveland said buyouts were coming. In July, the Chicago Tribune said it would cut 120 jobs and The New York Times Co. said it would cut about 250 jobs in its printing operations.

The Founder in Threadwatch said he was surprised since “this process has been moving along since the mid 1990’s .. and just now the newspapers are realizing that everyone is reading their news online, and mostly at news sites such as , drudgereport or huffingtonpost depending on their political views.” Some are going online but with apparent reluctance since they seem not to have figured out how to monetize them in the same way they have handled the printed pages.

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