Fighting Evil

Google’s motto may be “Do No Evil” but it does go beyond that in fighting evil too. I learned from Ionut Alex’s blog, Google Operating System, that Google and Sun Microsystems fund a non-profit anti-spyware group called StopBadware. One of Google’s contributions to the project is that it now provides Malware Warnings on Google Search Results. explains its mission thus:

“The internet has the extraordinary capacity to allow anyone, anywhere, to develop software, and to instantly distribute it, without cost, throughout the world. was established in an effort to preserve this positive ability to generate and share information by exploring ways to solve the badware problem.”

There are many solutions that provide safety ratings for sites. One of the most popular is McAfee SiteAdvisor, a plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox. When you search with Google, SiteAdvisor displays different colors (green, yellow, red) next to search results and ads to show if the site sends spam, has malware, pop-ups, or links to dubious sites.

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One thought on “Fighting Evil”

  1. As I mentioned in my previous post, the major part of problems apply to Microsoft software only.

    For instance, my linux suse 10.1 has no problems with potential spyware, malware or whatever. Even when I had the Win OS, I used the Opera browser which is much safer than MIE in general.

    I have used to open any web page without being worried about potential malware even when I ran under Windows. But of course, I had a firewall and antivirus (I had to remind the name of such app right now!) installed on my PC.

    With Linux you need a firewall only.

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