Google's Golden Goose

When you have a Golden Goose, it may be tough to keep it golden. Adwords is Google’s golden goose and they just informed the world that they’re setting out to improve the quality of the landing pages that their advertisers display. It sounds fine.

This change to the algorithm will affect a small number of advertisers — while having a positive impact on the quality of ads that our users see.

The ClickZ News headline saw it in a different light. Google Gets Tougher With AdWords Landing Pages

Now some of that small number of advertisers are publicly showing their discontent. There’s a thread at WebmasterWorld entitled Open letter to Google Regarding Changes to The Ad Words Program. It started just over a day ago and it’s already over 130 messages and growing fast.

It will be interesting to see how this furor develops. I don’t think it’s going to kill the golden goose.

Tip of the hat to Peter Da Vanzo

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One thought on “Google's Golden Goose”

  1. Well, Google’s stand is very apparent from its wicked intentions. Google’s sole aim is to earn revenue with relevancy lost in the graveyard..

    I have found a site that has impressed me with its motive and content. They have openly raised sword against Google. Will have to say that this is definitely a bold move

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