Dot Mobi – Tougher To See Than Search Marketing Standard

You might think the world is going for smaller and smaller with the new .mobi LTD shortly available. It’s even available already if you’re the owner of a certified trademark. The mobile world is growing apace. It’s clearly bigger and growing faster than the traditional Internet world, if you can judge by Canadian experience.

Nevertheless it’s nice to see that the old-fashioned ways are not losing out. Sometimes bigger is better.

There were probably doubters that this would happen but Boris Mordkovich, Publisher of the Search Marketing Standard magazine says that the second issue is going to the printers within a week and that it will be out in August.

Search Marketing Standard

This time, it will be 30% larger than its predecessor and will contain more intermediate to advanced material by popular request.

Good for SMS. It’s tough reading web pages on cell phones, so it’s great to see alternative media providing a more comfortable way of staying in touch with what’s happening on the Internet.

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2 thoughts on “Dot Mobi – Tougher To See Than Search Marketing Standard”

  1. If you’re a dot mobi owner and looking for the right audience, it’s better to build a mobile website rather than relying on HTML. Since you’ll be able to get four times more visitors. Since for instance, lots of folks out there want to send sms messages via web so if you facilitate them SMS connectivity it would benefit you too, in the long run since it can utilized to send SMS message to company personnel.

  2. I just started looking into search marketing and I never knew there was a magazine in print about it. I should have figured since there is a magazine for just about anytime now. I also agree that the mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds and is the next marketing Everest to try and conquer.

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