The metamorphosis of BPWrap

For those who don’t understand the word ‘metamorphosis’, it’s a process caterpillars go through on their way to becoming butterflies. The San Diego Zoo has an excellent account on butterflies and metamorphosis.

So how does that apply to BPWrap? It certainly isn’t a caterpillar. However frequent visitors here will note a change from how BPWrap appeared earlier in May and how it now appears on May 13th, 2006. The weblog looks somewhat drab, almost like a chrysalis or pupa, quite unlike its earlier appearance. However just as with a caterpillar, there are incredible changes occurring under that drab exterior.

What has happened is that the weblog has been transferred from pMachine software to WordPress. This is a huge task for which I can take little credit. The really heavy lifting here was done by a remarkable gentleman, Tim Malone. He is a Technical Administrator with the Cre8asite Forums and for one so young, he has mind-boggling talents. He lives in Canberra, Australia. Another skilled moderator, Adrian Lee, of Cre8asite Forums, has also helped in the conversion and now in the creation of the butterfly. Adrian lives in Somerset, England. This international cooperation helps to enhance a weblog authored in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

WordPress is a phenomenal open-source software using PHP so there are lots of new tricks for an old dog to learn. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the metamorphosis is complete and the butterfly emerges.

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6 thoughts on “The metamorphosis of BPWrap”

  1. I think that you are going to be really enjoying WordPress, Barry.

    There are a lot of plugins that you can use, from the worldwide body of users of the software, whom have worked hard to give something back.

    It is nice to see an effort that has gone so smoothly so far, involving people from three different continents. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the cocoon.

  2. This website has a lot of great information. I appreciate the hard work and resources that went into this. Keep up the good job.

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