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It’s probably the right time for that [ I’m Feeling Lucky ] button on the Google Search page to go. In all the good things that Google offers, there’s one hidden jewel that not too many people know about. Google BlogSearch was introduced last September but it’s never really received the publicity it deserved. This week some important improvements have been made and you can now get just the hot blog news items. Even though it’s in Beta, it deserves to get more visibility.

One way to give that publicity would be to mention it on the main Google Search page. Indeed there’s a very obvious way of doing that, although it would need to be discussed at the highest level in the Googleplex at Mountain View. In some ways, it’s a simple move. Google BlogSearch has almost shown the way. A few weeks ago, Google BlogSearch introduced a new Search Button. So now the BlogSearch page shows the following buttons under the search field.
[ Search Blogs ] [ Search The Web ]

All Google needs to do is reverse the order and use those buttons on the main Search page. It would look like this:
[ Search The Web ] [ Search Blogs ]

OK, they would lose that curious [ I’m Feeling Lucky ] button. It’s been around since the beginning, but not too many people use it. They would be adding a button that would be used by many and would also be introducing this exciting new concept to many more. The main button must also be changed from [ Google Search ] to [ Search The Web ] but that’s not a big deal, you might think. So let’s see how long it takes before this idea is put into action. Remember you saw it here first.

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