Google Gets A Different Point Of View

I wanted to signal one of the best posts I’ve read recently. It’s by my friend and fellow moderator at Cre8asite Forums, Rand Fishkin. His blog, SEOmoz – Daily SEO Blog, is always one of my first reads each morning and he has some most stimulating reads. The latest one is called: If Rand Were in Charge of Google’s Search Team for a Day…

It includes many great suggestions. Indeed they’re so great that Matt Cutts, one of the most visible Googlers, commented in the post, “There’s a lot of good meat there. Mind if I pass it around inside Google?”.

There really shouldn’t be any surprises to Matt’s fellow Googlers. Us folks outside the Googleplex are talking about them all the time. However Google has a touch of that ‘product-driven‘ mentality that IBM wrote about. It’s very tough when you’re up on a mountain surrounded by all those other bright people. You might tend to think that all knowledge must be here somewhere or other.

That’s why it’s so important for any company that aims to serve customers to be customer-centric. The customer viewpoint is in some ways much more important than your own view as the supplier. Your future success or failure will be determined by those customers. So you should work hard to find out what those customers really are thinking. Of course not many will tell you. .. and some ex-customers are so upset that they wouldn’t even talk to you but only badmouth you to their friends. So somehow you’ve got to hear from everyone. You may even learn more useful stuff from all those customers that you lost.

If Rand was in the Googleplex for a day, the benefit he would bring is that he’s an outsider. He knows what customers really are feeling. It’s good to know that Matt Cutts will be passing on the message.

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