Quit – They're Injurious To Your Health

No, this is not about smoking and cigarettes. In website design, there’s a practice that seems equally addictive even though there have been warnings around for some years. This is about the use of Frames in website design. It’s come up yet again in a discussion in the Cre8asite Forums on a Framed Website. Everyone seems to be against it, yet some web designers seem to be oblivious to the realities of effective websites.

It may be that some website owners think they would like a Framed website. To help them understand the gravity of their choice, perhaps it’s time to promote a Framed Website Disclaimer. It would read as follows:
Framed Website Disclaimer
I have been informed that my website built in Frames will have some serious problems:
– It will not be found in search engine keyword searches.
– Visitors cannot bookmark individual web pages to return to their favourites.
– Printing web pages can be difficult.
Nevertheless I hereby authorize you to build the website in Frames.

Only by insisting their customer sign this disclaimer can a professional web designer ensure there will be no disillusionment down the road.

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