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A new Google Button has suddenly appeared on my radar screen. I’m pretty sure it only appeared recently. It says Search The Web. You probably felt that’s what Google did anyway. However this button appeared in a place where not too many people seem to wander. It’s called Google Blog Search. Until recently it was a place where you could only search Blogs. Indeed you could only search Blogs with newsfeeds. So it was a pretty exclusive kind of place.

Google has so many things on the go that it’s not surprising that this one hasn’t had the publicity it should have. Indeed currently Google seems to have moved its main focus on to all things Mobile. Nevertheless the blogosphere is an important way of seeing what subjects are currently news-worthy. It provides a nice complement to what you can learn in the traditional media through Google or Yahoo! News. For those in the know, Google Blog Search has much to recommend it as a way of getting rapid indications of major events. Adding an additional button to Blog Search allows you to easily follow up a blog search with a more general web search. It takes the Back Button to do it, but that’s only a small irritation.

If you haven’t checked out what Blogsearch offers it’s worth checking out the Blogsearch Help page. You’ll probably be surprised. For example I noted that:
Additionally, Blog Search supports the following new operators of its own:
* inblogtitle:
* inposttitle:
* inpostauthor:
* blogurl:

It’s certainly great to see a new Google button. There aren’t too many in their clean and simple search pages. Indeed I still am surprised that they’re still hanging on to that I’m feeling lucky button.

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