Two Different Worlds We Live In

Two Different Worlds seems to have a timeless quality as a concept, even though it’s now exactly 50 years since Don Rondo performed the original song. It came to mind in reading an item from Kathy Sierra on the new plane represented by MySpace. Although the Internet might appear like a seamless interconnected universe, a better picture is of two parallel worlds without too many interconnections. So there’s the space inhabited by the teenagers and there’s the space inhabited by those of more advanced years.

Perhaps an even more graphic example of two parallel universes is highlighted by part of the Google Annual Report just released (tip of the hat to William Slawski) That points to increased emphasis on the whole Handheld world. Perhaps you have the Desktop space and the Mobile space. As yet there are limited interconnections. Clearly in this case the two need many more interlinks. It seems that the Cre8asite Forums CDAP looking at both of these worlds and their interconnections is coming along at just the right time.

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4 thoughts on “Two Different Worlds We Live In”

  1. Regarding this posting (Two Different Worlds We Live In)- FYI. The song “We Live in Two Different Worlds” was released in December, 1944 by Capital records and performed by Tex Ritter. This would make it considerably earlier than 1956 (i.e. “exactly 50 years ago”). Here’s the URL:

    if you’re interested.

    In any case, I agree that there are at least two different worlds- young and old, but also alternative lifestyles, religious communities, etc. However, I think the Internet at least presents the possibility for these worlds to communicate—a long way from what it was like when we were kids. I, personally, am one whose curiosity leads me to poke into stuff—often to the dismay of my friends—quite different from my world. After all, I’ve lived in my world long enough to know quite a lot about it.


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