Anti-Virus Help Delayed For A Microsoft Windows Flaw

Microsoft Corp to release Windows fix Jan 10 as attack spreads
This is discussing a rapidly spreading computer virus strain, which targets a Windows .WMF flaw.. Unfortunately Microsoft’s slow response in not providing an anti-virus computer patch will leave users largely unprotected until then. Some of the quotes from that blog item show that others are most upset at this apparent lethargy on the part of Microsoft. “Microsoft’s delay is inexcusable,” said Alan Paller, director of research at computer security group SANS Institute. “There’s no excuse other than incompetence and negligence.”

“It’s a problem that there’s no known solution from Microsoft,” said Alfred Huger, senior director of engineering at Symantec Corp.’s security response team.
Microsoft says that evaluation and testing affect the timing of anti-virus security patches. There are many factors that impact the length of time between the discovery of a vulnerability and the release of a security update. Well that’s easy for them to say. Meanwhile many other knowledgeable industry figures find the wait for necessary anti-virus protection unacceptable.

The Sans Institute Internet Storm Center has issued its own anti-virus computer patch for the Windows .WMF flaw in the absence of a Microsoft anti-virus fix.
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