High Performance Blogging

Blogging is a powerful way of getting Internet visibility and there is an important website that’s recently come on line that I find particularly valuable. One of the founders is Nick Wilson, who was the driving force behind Threadwatch, a community website focused on Internet marketing and related technologies. He has sold his interest in that and is now involved in Performancing. Its tagline says it all, Helping Bloggers Succeed. If you’re intent on having success, I would recommend adding their RSS newsfeed to your blogroll.

One recent post I found useful was entitled Google Teaches Bloggers How To Rank. In this Nick Wilson interviewed Matt Cutts, a ‘senior Google engineer and webmaster relations chappy’. There were some really interesting topics covered in the interview. However possibly the most valuable insight was Cutts’s advice to go read the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. As usual, it’s always best to get advice directly from the horse’s mouth.

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