Newspapers Are Dead Scrolls – Blogs Are Live Launch-Pads

A blog entry in the associated Other Bloke’s Blog, Disruptive Technology – the blog versus the media, discussed why the traditional media might have difficulty in countering the disruptive technology that the blogosphere represents. Perhaps the most important factor was omitted from that entry.

Stated simply, newspapers are pre-Internet communications media. Blogs and the blogosphere are post-Internet communications media. Good newspapers are attractive and most enjoyable to read. A strong investigative journalist’s item can be enthralling in what is revealed. However there it sits on the page. Where do we go next? If we’re lucky they may mention a website where more information may be found. But who does that? So the trail dies.

Many blogs are of dubious quality. However there are some that cover most important issues. Blogs have an ideal structure. Links can be included that provide a launch pad to other sources of information. This can be just the start of an informative trail. The surprising thing is perhaps that more professional journalists have not moved on to the blogosphere.

Their dilemma is that as yet it is unclear how they can derive similar revenues from the blogosphere to those they derive from the pre-Internet media. This kind of dilemma is not new. I believe the buggy-whip manufacturers had to face up to a similar issue.