Big Pencils Can Move Quickly

Note: this is a follow-up to a September 4 item on Big Ideas Come From Big Pencils.

I commented in the previous post that the new Leo Burnett Canada website, was “broken” when viewed in Firefox. Well my hats off to those Big Pencils at Leo Burnett Canada. Perhaps they saw that post because two days later, they’ve “mended” it. If you want to see those Big Ideas, then you can look at them in Firefox too.

It looks as though it was only an oversight, since the code of the body of the page does not seem to have changed. All that was added was the following code in the Head of the web page.

< style type="text / css" >
< ! -- html { height:100%;} body { margin: 0 ; padding: 0px; height:100%; } # container { height:100%;} -- >
< / style>
Note – spaces inserted to disable bbcode

Very well done, Leo Burnett Canada, even if you should have spotted this before the website was launched. Now the only thing I can’t figure out is why the #container line was included. It doesn’t seem to be used anywhere in the body of the web page.

So if Leo Burnett Canada can correct a problem once identified in two days, how long will it take MicroSoft to correct their Video Demo for their Great Plains software. That’s been afflicted since October 2004.


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