Big Ideas Come Out Of Big Pencils

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils – that’s the provocative title of a new website launched on August 29, 2005 by Leo Burnett Canada. If you’re looking at it with Internet Explorer or the Opera browser, then you will get the effect that this major Advertising Agency wanted to give you. However if you’re using Mozilla Firefox, then unless it’s been changed by the time you see it, you’ll have a problem

This new website is afflicted by the same problem that was described in a post Trial By Firefox in The Other Bloke’s Blog back in March of this year. One of the websites that was also “broken” in Firefox was the Microsoft Great Plains Video Demo. Since this is Microsoft’s principal Business Solution for medium and small businesses, you would think they’d do something about it. Microsoft paid $ 1.1 billion US in stock when they bought Great Plains in March 2001. This is core business stuff we’re talking here.

Both the Leo Burnett Canada website and the Microsoft Great Plains Video Demo are Flash files and both appear only in a horizontal band occupying about 25% of a 1024 by 768 screen. Certainly Microsoft might say that it’s a Mozilla Firefox problem. However with probably at least 10% or more of visitors using Mozilla Firefox, that’s a significant slice of your visitors to irritate. You would have thought that a major advertising agency would have figured out a way around the problem.

Later Footnote: Leo Burnett Canada moved promptly on this and their solution is given in a post on September 6.

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