One Click Without Scrolling

Perhaps most folk have heard Jared Spool’s phrase, “The Backbutton is the Button of Doom”. In other words, don’t assume that website visitors will use the backbutton to navigate. They may well decide to jump out of your website and then you’ve lost them. This was brought home to me with a vengeance yesterday where the web designer had blocked the action of the right mouse button so the Back Button was up at the top of the browser window. In that case, g’bye.

The reason why I mention all this is that reviewing website traffic, I sometimes wonder how people get around my website. They don’t seem to have followed a logical progression. I then worry that some didn’t do that but clicked away. So I’ve now adopted a new mantra:
One Click Without Scrolling To explain, I try to think what paths folk may be taking through the website. I then try to arrange that for most of them, when they want to move to another web page, there is a clickable button or link in their visible window. So they don’t have to scroll and certainly don’t have to use the Doom Button.

It’s just following up on that other Jared Spool notion of giving people the scent of where they want to get to. This is not rocket science and more often than you realize, it’s easy to do. So print out those words, One Click Without Scrolling, big and bold and stick it up close to where you do your web page designing. Your visitors will really thank you for it.