International Movers – That's Cre8asite For You

International Moving – the very words are enough to strike panic in the calmest of souls. Of course that’s if you’re physically moving your goods and chattels around the world. The Cre8asite Forums upped stakes and moved entirely during the night hours of Friday evening. Massive databases were involved so switching hosts is no easy task. However for anyone in North America the move was entirely painless and almost undetectable, except for an astonishing increase in the speed of operations. Visit the Cre8asite forums to see the difference.

Behind the scenes, the move illustrates the powerful features of the Internet. It really does make the whole world a global village as is often said. The Cre8asite Forums were graciously hosted by, courtesy of its owner, Alan Runfeldt. The amount of support given was phenomenal but, as the volume of activity on the Forums grew, response times were on occasions sometimes slow. Thankfully, Ron Carnell, a moderator at Cre8asite, has agreed to host the Forums on one of his systems. Nothing easier you might think since both hosts are in the United States. However when you have complex databases and interlinking processes even moving across the street can be hazardous.

The reason for calling this an international move is that the ‘moving’ was in fact done largely by Michael Motherwell, (aka projectphp) in Australia, with support from Dave Child, (aka ILoveJackDaniels) in the UK and of course Ron Carnell in the USA. Tim Malone, another Australian Cre8asite moderator, was on hand to check whether all of the complex system was functioning as it should in its new home. This occurred during the witching hours of Friday night. So when most North American Forum visitors clocked in on Saturday morning all was as usual, apart from a congratulatory message that the move had been successful. Indeed it had. The Forums now respond so fast that they’ve earned the name, Speedracer.

So hearty thanks to the redoubtable team that made it happen from all the Cre8asite community.