Why is Small big?

So everyone in the blogosphere seems to be pointing towards Seth Godin’s recent post, Small is the new big. It’s one of these fundamental statements that Godin makes from time to time that really put a new perspective on some issue.

No one seems to have asked that simple child question that often is unanswerable and always informative. Why? Indeed this could become a new mission for this blog. Just ask Why.

Here I believe it’s as powerful as ever. There are many small reasons why it makes sense. However the key reason comes from just putting together some of the major concepts that are around. Small is big because it’s the best type of company to supply that Long Tail world.

Big is no longer big because of another Godin concept and that is Permission Marketing. If the customer is in control, it’s a lot harder work to develop a personalized approach to each. The economies of scale are tougher to implement and make them work. The Internet has created a greater transparency and so it’s harder to take short cuts using your power.

Indeed I can’t wait for a follow-up post from Seth Godin on why Big shouldn’t boast about it.

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