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SEO Associations – what does that bring to mind? Well that’s exactly what me and a group of the lads were discussing down at the pub last night. We’re the quiet group in the corner that tackles world problems. Someone got talking about Sir Bob Geldof, promoter of the Live 8 concerts to help eliminate world poverty, and his challenge to our Prime Minister, Paul Martin, to come with some real financial support when he attends the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. We didn’t get too far with that and there was then a lull in the conversation.

Someone else piped up, “What about SEO?” A number of us are into websites and all that stuff and some even offer to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However it’s a word that’s come to have some very bad publicity. The conversation went on as follows.

“Could we do something to improve its reputation?”
“Perhaps that world poverty issue is easier.”
“No, seriously, I know people are talking SEM instead but that’s not having any easier time.”
(SEM is Search Engine Marketing for those not familiar with these terms.)
“Well most website owners have heard of SEO and I think we could try some PR to improve the reputation.”
… that produced one of those embarrassing silences again.

“What about some brainstorming?”
” well OK but we don’t have to wear those silly coloured hats, do we?”
“Let’s try to think about positive things related to SEO.”
… that produced one of those embarrassing silences again.

“OK what about just throwing out word associations and see whether that triggers any ideas.”
“SEO – Mamma Mia”
“SEW – a needle pulling thread”
“.. I think that one’s been done”
“SEO and SEX”
“We might pull in the wrong crowd.”
… that produced one of those embarrassing silences again.

“What about SEO and SEA? The Sea is associated with the open air, freshness. How could that possibly go wrong?:
A few thought there might be something in that idea. Well one or two of the lads had to leave so we decided to take up the conversation again tonight when we’re all together again.

Then I spotted that someone else has already pinched the idea. Bill Slawski and Loren Baker are running an event called SEO By The Sea. It’s coming up in August and looks to be a great idea. So we can forget that. The lads will be disappointed. I guess we’ll have to go back to tackling world poverty.

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  1. Thanks for the referral to SEO by the Sea. I will have to check out that site for more information.

    By the way, I notice that your adsense ads are all different colors… is this effective because I have heard it’s best to be simple… Just curious.

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