NeuroMarketing Mmm…

That was the subject of a post in The Other Bloke’s Blog, which was featured in the 142nd Carnival of the Vanities. This was hosted by the Conservative Edge, a Kentucky-based collaborative blog. As the authors say, the Conservative Edge is the World’s first Conservative Online Information and News Service. Their purpose is to provide news and opinions from the conservative side of America. All three bloggers call Kentucky home, so the blog focuses on Kentucky. However, national news impacts us all, so events in Washington and around the country are fair game. I found it a very stylish blog.

The author for this Carnival was Brian Goettl. He did a thorough job. His summary of the NeuroMarketing item ran as follows:
Ever thought of Neuromarketing? Me either. But Barry Welford of The Other Bloke’s Blog, has. He’s comparing Neuromarketing to Internet marketing, and concludes it’s a no brainer. (Barry, you gotta give me props on that one).
If you want to get involved in Carnivals, there is a multi-entry form to all of the Internet carnivals provided by The Conservative Cat .

If you visit only one of the Carnivals on a regular basis, the Carnival of the Vanities could be a strong contender.

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