Google Remembers Its Suppliers

Yesterday marked a turning point in the Google strategy. Google has always been very customer-oriented. That’s if you interpret customer as searcher. Its relationship with its suppliers, all those webmasters who provide the web pages, has been somewhat more complex. If you had to use one word it might well have been conflict. Most webmasters are honourable people who were a bit surprised at the way they were being treated by Google. Of course there were Help pages for webmasters but like DMOZ, Google seemed to feel getting too close to webmasters would break something.

There were of course webmasters who were gaming the system in a massive way. One worried that Gresham’s Law might apply here. Everyone would be dragged down to the lowest level. That clearly could not be allowed to happen. It would seem that Google’s efforts here seem to be bearing fruit.

Nevertheless, you might have wondered when Google, the wunderkid, would be transformed into a fully strategic-based business. Given the rocketing upward pace of the share price, they would have been justified in not changing something that’s performing incredibly well. However Michael Porter, the strategy guru, has pointed out the importance of your suppliers. They can be almost equally important as your customers in certain industries. That would certainly seem to be the case for search engine companies.

Well a most pleasing signal has been sent out by Googler in a Webmaster-friendly blog post. The title is almost more important than the content. Here is a clear indication of a new Google stance. The content is pretty good too. It’s of course describing a new Beta service. That is now an essential part of the Google brand. This is a process where you can register Site Maps with Google. In other words, you can indicate to Google what are the important web pages on your website. This will then be used by Google to modify their spidering so that they pick up the important pages more often than others. The Site Map FAQs page gives you full information on what it’s all about.

Congratulations Google. This is most heartening news.

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